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We presented a workshop of Shelby Green and Julia Greer's new play NURSE SLUTS at THE TANK as part of LADYFEST 2017 on August 10th. 

Three new military nurses are dropped into a war zone and thrown into action with the rest of their team. In a world where soldiers are sticks and blood is wine, they confront the parts of the job they didn’t sign up for. Full of movement, songs, drills, red carpet interviews, and magical healing through sexual pleasure, NURSE SLUTS is an inventive new play about women at war.

NURSE SLUTS is a rehearsed workshop directed by Emma Miller.

Featuring Alexandra Constas, Rachel Cunningham, Shelby Green, Julia Greer, Andrea Negrete, Niara Sena, and Sarah White

With Sara Gibbons as movement consultant, Emmie Finckel as a design consultant and sound design by Katherine Deal.


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Annie Lambert was murdered in the middle of her senior year. So her sisters of the Beta Tau Alpha sorority at SUNY Onondaga are memorializing her in the best way they know how: They're putting on a play. For Annie uses Greek chorus, pop music, dance, and a lot of glitter to explore grief, guilt, sisterhood, and what it means to remember.



Bartley Booz, Elizabeth Colwell, Shelby Green, Julia Greer, Sammi Katz, Alex Najarian, Andrea Negrete, Ari Shapiro, Aliza Sotsky, Leila Teitelman, Laura Winters


Directed by Emma Miller

Set Design by Emmie Finckel

Sound Design by Lauren Zoppo

Costume Design by Dara Affholter

Choreography by Lucia Knell

Production Stage Managed by Rachel Shaw

Stage Managed by Mia Carey

FOR ANNIE ran at LUCID BODY HOUSE from December 9, 2016 - January 15, 2017.