Call for submissions


The Hearth develops and produces plays by female, gender-non-conforming, and trans writers. We seek plays that explore female+ characters who pulse with emotional, intellectual, and psychological complexity. We look to challenge stereotypes, advance, and complicate the conversation about feminism and expand perceptions about what it means to be a girl or woman. 

A few submission guidelines:

  • Your play doesn’t have to be production-ready. It should be a complete draft that helps us get to know you and your voice.

  • We’ll read anything, but we are often most excited by plays that have a strong dramatic action, are character-driven, and in some way make use of theatricality & so can only be a play.

  • We hope you’ll leave in the parts of your play that you think might be “unproduceable.” We’re not particularly concerned about cast size or a crazy skill the actors have to learn. We’re just excited to hear what you’ve been dreaming up.

  • Please don’t send plays you’ve submitted to us before, plays that have been previously produced, plays that are translations of other plays, or collections of monologues.

We are a small company, so please be patient as it might take us a little while to get back to you. We can only read one play per writer at a time, so please send the play you think best fits the above. You can also look around on our website to see more about work we’ve done and helped develop. When you send your play, please also tell us a little bit about yourself (whether that’s by attaching a bio or writing a few sentences is up to you). 

You may submit plays via email to us at